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+10 Years Of Experience

HRMD is a medical backoffice staffing group dedicated to help our clients meet their goals. HRMD brings the right tools and staff for each client, to align them with the business model that best suits their long term goals.

Our Mission

Provide the highest standards of customer care and help our clients achieve their business goals.

Our Vision

Be one of the largest medical back office staffing companies, providing the highest quality standards to our clients.

Our Values

Professionalism, Excellence, and Integrity.

We take care of you

Work practices, attitudes, technologies, and ways of working are changing rapidly, and often organizations are not changing with them. Leaders should consider new concepts such as remote offices, flexibility and other tactics that will allow their business to operate at their best.

Our managers

Stephania Camargo

Director of Operations

Michell Salas

Assist. Operations Manager

Alexandra Gimenez

Assist. Operations Manager

Alejandro Rivera

Assist. Operations Manager

Hansy Castaño

Assist. Operations Manager

Our leaders

David Villegas

Financials Leader

Daniel Perez

Posting Leader

Natalia Arias

Posting Leader

Saray Cano

Billing Leader

Stephany Posada

CCE Leader

Isabella Castrillón

Clients Leader

Andrea Loaiza


Dahian Escobar

Teams Leader

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HRMD brings the right tools for you to align your practice with the business model that best suits your long-term business goals.

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