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Medical Back Office Specialist

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

HRMD is an American staffing company based in Dallas Texas. We work with over 40 medical practices and companies in the US, and we’re dedicated to help our clients meet their goals by providing them with reliable remote backoffice staffing.

We provide remote bilingual staffing services for customer service agents, patient scheduling, insurance verification, prior authorization, referral management, lead management, billing, appeals, AR, posting, credentialing, human resources, and other related roles in the Healthcare Industry.

HRMD clients  usually realize a 40% staffing cost saving per employee.

We make sure to understand how your practice works, then we implement all your backup processes and train our staff to do them for you, always taking care of your patients and giving you full visibility on how things work. 

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HRMD brings the right tools for you to align your practice with the business model that best suits your long-term business goals.

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