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Meet one of our medical back office staffing experts to see what HRMD can do for your medical practice and identify which one of our back-office services suits your needs. We have the processes to help any medical practice, in all specialties: Allergy and Immunology, Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Family medicine, Internal medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Physical medicine and rehabilitation, Preventive medicine, Psychiatry, Surgery, Urology, and Pain Management.
Grow your practice


We help you implement the right marketing strategies for your medical practice, to increase your profits and take your practice to the next level.

  • New patients
Positive interactions


Our Customer Care team will receive patient calls and provide general information, schedule appointments, create new patient charts, and send paperwork.

  • Customer care calls
  • New patient’s first appt
  • Scheduling, canceling, confirming, and re-scheduling appts
  • Office visits
  • Med refills
  • Pharmacies inquiries
  • Changes in appointments
Check eligibility


Our Insurance Specialists provide accurate and timely verification of patient insurance and appropriate compliance with insurance, provider, and facility, ensuring that the patient insurance information is up to date and coverage benefits are clear before accessing treatment. Also, we complete, timely and accurate identification and submission of prior authorization requests to the insurance, interact with insurance agents, medical staff, and other departments as necessary to request documentation pertaining to the process, and advise Providers of procedures that can and cannot be performed in compliance with insurance standards and protocols.

  • Verifications (Benefits & Coverage)
  • PreAuthorizations (All types of services)
  • Referrals: PCP or Insurance (OV)
  • LOP – Auto claims & WC
  • Financials: Fees
Revenue for your services


Our Billing Specialists will be responsible for reading and understanding the Provider’s Progress Notes and Medical Terminology to be able to create Claims, determine what needs to be charged/billed to the insurance and guarantee timely filing, alert the Insurance Department of inconsistencies in diagnosis or billing codes to prevent denials from insurances.

  • Claims
  • Appeals
  • Posting
Right decisions


At HRMD we have an extensive analytics team, we measure efficiency across your entire practice including notional patients and average collection per patient, also we set other data points and KPIs that will allow you to achieve your goals.

  • Analytics reports
  • Dashboards
Miracles of Hope


Our Collections Specialist will be responsible for acquiring reparations for debts owed to your medical practice. Receive and post payments to accounts, monitors overdue accounts, and collect debt.

  • I am a posting specialist and I help our clients categorize credits and debits so they have a complete accounting cycle.

    VALERIA Posting Specialist
  • As an appeals specialist, my main task is to make sure any denied payment is reviewed with the insurance to increase our client's profitability.

    DAVID Appeals Specialist

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